DS Lite TV out 5.3 USB-C



->portable with both screens and ability to output video and stereo audio
-> USB-C for charging and video output
->2 operating modes: handheld mode and dock mode

Available on backorder

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A mod with allows to keep all DS functionality as well as add the video output and stereo audio to a monitor or TV.

Has 2 operating modes. Handheld and Video out. Mode selection is automatic.

Comes with a custom wifi module and USB-C conector. Simple intuitive install.
Video output through the USB-C port.

This updated version allows also keeping the pen and pen holder on the DS.
Requires soldering.

Step by step guide will also be provided with the mod. Personal support is also available through Discord to help in the process whenever needed.

Soldering difficulty: easy
Video output: composite

*Mod kit only, console is not included
*RCA cable not included, you can chose one depending on your cable size needs



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